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Sabres still plan to hold block party 

The Buffalo News - Oct 06 6:02 AM
By BOB DICESARE The departure of defenseman Jay McKee figured to leave the Buffalo Sabres depleted when it came to one of the finer points of the game. They certainly could find a defenseman with better offensive skills than McKee. Quicker skaters abounded.

Florida politician resigns as sexually charged texts to teens appear 
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Luv your jock strp 4ever Representative Mark Foley of Florida may soon be wishing he wasn't so aggressive in passing legislation against sex offenders. The Republican up for reelection resigned today after various groups revealed a number of sexually charged messages allegedly sent by Foley to young boys.…

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- jock strap

For the scuba backpack harness strap, see Scuba set.

A jockstrap, also known as a jock or jack strap athletic supporter, is a type of men's undergarment designed for use jock strap in sports or other activities, such as during the recovery from a vasectomy. They are jock straps also worn by some people as general, everyday underwear.

A typical jockstrap consists of men in jock straps a wide elastic waistband with a support pouch and two straps extending from the base through male jock straps of the pouch around the buttocks (which it does not cover, unlike briefs or boxers) to wear a jock strap only to exercise attach to the waistband. The pouch, in jock strap stories some varieties, may be fitted with a pocket how to wear a jock strap to hold an impact resistant cup or box to protect the testicles from injury.


The nearest female counterpart japanese jock straps is the pelvic protector, occasionally referred to as a jill strap (or shortened jill).


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The word how to wear jock strap is reportedly used in sports since 1897, from jock in the slang sense "penis" (itself since pictures of men in jock straps c.1650-c.1850, probably from women jock strap Jock, a mainly Scottish nickname for John, which was used generically for "common man" from 1508, compare jockey, Jack; similarly jock strap daddy jill for females); since lacrosse boxer shorts jock strap 1952 also shortened back to jock.


The jockstrap was invented in 1874 by C. F. Bennett of maximizer jock strap a Chicago sporting goods company, Sharp & Smith, to provide comfort see through mesh jock straps and support for bicycle jockeys riding the cobblestone streets of Boston. In 1897 Bennett's newly-formed free pictures of men in jock straps Bike Web Company patented and began mass-producing the Bike Jockey Strap. The Bike how to put a jock strap on Web Company later became known as the Bike Company. Today, jock strap cup boxer shorts Bike is still the market leader in jockstrap sales.

The jockstrap was also influential in early men posing in jock straps 1900s medicine with the invention of the Heidelberg Electric Belt, a men's jock strap low-voltage electric powered balls jock strap jockstrap that claimed to cure kidney disorders, insomnia, erectile disfunction, and other ailments. Today, jockstraps are still being used for medical purposes, best jock strap such as the suspensory and for the rest from injury free jock strap or surgery such as hematocele, hydrocele, guy in jock strap or spermatocele.

During the 1980s and 1990s, jockstraps slowly faded jock strap men away to compression shorts and generally were not required by high schools and lacrosse camp jock strap colleges. However, in recent years more and more athletes are turning back to the jockstrap for use in sports and male jock strap athletic activities. This is reflected in the fact that new brands picture of men in jock straps and companies are beginning to ratchets jock strap introduce their own line of jockstraps, such as Calvin Klein and Under Armour.

There is allkinks jock strap locker room also an increase in the number of fashion jockstraps as an alternative to regular underwear. Jockstraps provide support to keep the fat jock strap wearer comfortable while efficiently keeping the genitals covered. They are fat man jock strap also cooler to wear as they allow sweat first time jock strap to evaporate more freely.

Jockstrap styles

There are several variations of jockstraps:

Wide band with a cup
Jockstraps with how to jock strap pouches and cup inserts are generally worn by baseball, jock strap party cricket players and others jock strap uk participating in full-contact sports to protect their testicles from injury. These are a requirement in some sports jock strap youth such as baseball, especially for catchers.
Wide band without a cup
Sometimes used in wrestling jock straps board shorts and can be used for lifting protection. man jock strap Can aid the prevention/care of testicle torsion. This is the most common "gym jockstrap" used for general support and common in basketball.
Narrow waistband
Narrow waistbands, mark foley inappropriate e-mail jock strap or "swimming/running jocks" nylon jock strap as they are commonly termed, are worn underneath swimming trunks, Speedos, purpose of an athletic supporter jock strap running shorts and wrestling singlets. They provide full protection and support while having only a 1" waistband rubber jock straps that will not show as easily outside of shorts. sports authority, jock straps Since there is no material in the back, the waistband has no anchor causing it to roll suspensory jock strap and bind which toddler jock strap makes it uncomfortable for long duration activities.
Jock brief
A jock brief, or support briefs, toilet jock strap have a full seat instead in the back and a pouch in the front. They resemble normal briefs varsity jock straps for sale but have a wider, stronger waistband and are made of a more supportive material. why wear a jock strap They are youth jock straps gaining popularity with youth as they are less revealing than their counterparts however they typically do not provide the level of support, protection, or flexibility. They are available with or without removable cups.
Thong jock
A thong style jockstrap, similar to the athletic type, has only one strap attached to the bottom of the pouch, passing under the crotch, up between the buttocks and attaching to the waistband at the middle of the back. This style is often called dance belt, since it is commonly worn by male ballet dancers who often wear tight fitting Lycra that would reveal a normal jockstrap's strap, but also for other activities.
Compression short jock
Losing in fashion to regular compression shorts, they are compression shorts with a full or partial jockstrap sewn into the inside. They provide pockets for a cup and, in the case of the football variety, provide pockets for thigh and backbone pads.
Strapless jock
The strapless variation to the jock, called a sock for "strapless + jock", has an elastic pouch that hooks behind the scrotum instead of being held in place by the normal leg straps. While fulfilling the same purpose of comfort and lift, this design is less secure and has a tendency to 'slip off' as a result of frequent intense leg movements such as running or jogging.
Suspensories are similar to the jockstrap with one main exception; above the pouch that holds the testicles is a hole to put the penis through so that it hangs free from the constriction of the pouch. This is used for medical reasons such as surgery to the groin or for catheter access.
Fashion jock
In addition to mainstream practical jocks, some manufacturers make specialty jockstraps for "fun and play". They fit in the "sexy" or even "fetish" (e.g. referring to popular role-play characters, such as soldiers, firemen) underwear categories and can be made with see-through mesh, leather, velvet, silk, rubber, Rayon, Lycra or even chainmail.
Hockey jock
A regular jockstrap with the addition of four adjustable elastic straps and garter clips that hold hockey socks worn over shin pads covering the entire leg up to the thigh in place. Another common jock in hockey is the goalie protector, a protector with genital and abdominal foam padding. It includes, inner thigh guards with an upper puck bumper.

Protective cup

Cup insert for a jockstrap.
Hard cup
Hard cups are currently available in two basic shapes, the classic shape, which lays flat and is approximately triangular when viewed from the front and the newer shape, the banana cup, which is an elongated and skinny triangle that wraps under the testicles for added protection. The banana cup is named after its curvature shape and yellow color. Both types have padded rims for comfort and are made of a hard plastic. Ventilation holes are common to promote fast drying and cooling.
Padded cup
Padded cups are worn in mild to full contact sports. They are made out of a soft pad that can reduce some low impacts. They are worn primarily by youth and by people who find regular cups to be uncomfortable. These do not provide the level of support of hard cups and can become unsanitary due to the pad itself becoming full of moisture and lack of ventilation. The ventilation issue is also of concern due to overheating. These types are common in soccer.
Cup-only protector
Cup protectors that don't use a pouch are also available. The waistband and straps attach directly to the cup often in a one size fits all fashion. These are designed to be worn over briefs, especially if the cup has holes in it, otherwise the scrotum can be painfully pinched in the cup hole. They are common in kickboxing and martial arts to protect against groin attacks.
Combined padded jock and cup
An oversized cup and jock combined into a single item. It has layered foam padding that protects the groin, kidneys and abdomen. Generally made from leather for high durability. Has a liner inside that absorbs sweat and prevents slipping. It has a hook and loop closure for convenience and adjustability with inverted hips for unrestricted movement. Used in boxing.
ProFlex cup
Similar to the "Combined padded jock and cup", the ProFlex cup combines the hard and soft cup. It features a hard cup melded into a soft cup. This results in hard cup protection up front but with a flexible and soft backing.

How to wear

The most common way to wear a jockstrap is to put it on immediately over the skin, as the bottom layer. The leg straps can be seen through white baseball or football pants; if this is embarrassing, one can wear the jock under a pair of compression shorts. The pouch goes in front and the legs go through the leg straps. Pull it up and adjust to comfort. Some men like their penis to point directly up, others like it pointing either to the left or the right, while still others bend it forward so it points down. Pointing down is most comfortable when wearing a cup. It can cause problems in an erect or partially erect state while pointing to the side can cause hanging out the edge. A lot of times the penis ends up moving and pointing to one side or the other; if this happens, minor readjustment may be necessary. The cup can be inserted before or after the jockstrap is worn. Make sure the rim of the cup firmly comes in contact with the pubic bone without resting on the genitals; otherwise impact injuries can occur.

A jockstrap can also be worn under pants. They are very useful to wear instead of regular underwear during hiking, biking, camping, or other outdoor activities as they absorb less moisture than a pair of cotton briefs and can provide much needed cooling. Jockstraps can also prevent scrotal chafing and impact because the scrotum is lifted away from the thighs, very useful while hiking long distances. Since most jocks are a cotton, polyester and/or spandex blend, they can easily be washed and hung to dry quickly each night.


Although jockstraps are easy to wash and dry easily, they are one of the least washed items due to the convenience of leaving them in a locker or gym bag after a workout and only worn for brief periods of time. There is also possible embarrassment caused by having a parent wash them or having them washed in a laundromat. It is advised that one should always wash jockstraps because they can spread jock itch (tinea cruris) which is a fungus and is commonplace in gyms. It is also advisable to take a shower after a workout and towel dry thoroughly. Use a powder or dermatophyte antifungal cream if there is any redness or itching in the groinal area. Always wear sandals in showers, never barefoot. Athletes foot (tinea pedis), which is very common in gyms, can be transferred to jockstraps and cause jock itch. Try to make sure bare feet never touch the jockstrap or put socks on first before putting on a jockstrap.

Be sure to read the care instructions on the label. Since most jockstraps have wide bands comprised of mostly rubber, they cannot be placed in dryers on high heat. This can cause the waistband to shrink and warp. The cups themselves should never be placed in a clothes dryer but are safe to be placed in a washing machine, then air dried. Never use a high-fragrance detergent because in a damp and hot environment the chemicals from the fragrance can seep into open sores caused by jock itch or chafing and cause more discomfort and irritation.

Replacement and Disposal

Even with proper care, like any other clothing item, jockstraps will wear down and need to be replaced. It is crucial to maintain sports equipment and a jockstrap is no exception. The construction of a jockstrap will determine its life span. Many older jockstraps were made with natural rubbers and cotton which naturally break down. Newer jockstraps today incorporate many synthetic and natural materials that provide a longer lasting consistent product. Signs that your jockstrap will need to be replaced start with a looser fit, fraying ends, holes, wear on the pouch or other physical defects. These can create hazards or equipment malfunction. Jockstraps should be properly disposed as municipal solid waste in a trash receptacle. Care should be taken that they are not reused, as mentioned above under care. Regular replacement is also recommended for sanitary reasons. Many sports teams reuse their jockstraps only a few times or they are single use only then destroyed.


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